Ali’s List 7.25.14

Currently Coveting: Loeffler Randall Sarie Strappy Sandals

Last summer, I lived in a pair of sandals embellished with large rhinestone parrots. Though they’re my most cherished sandals, they’re far from understated. This summer, I decided it was time to opt for a more neutral pair which, to me, means gold. These crisscross slides from Loeffler Randall are my perfect sandal: easy on-and-off, great quality and they go with everything. Needless to say, the birds have some new competition.

Currently Doing: Seeing Billy Joel in Concert

This weekend, I’m headed to D.C. with friends to catch the Piano Man, himself, live in concert! One of my all-time favorite artists, I grew up listening to Billy Joel with my parents. I admire his ability to storytell with his songs, many of which recount important historical moments (“Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” “Downeaster Alexa,” “Allentown”). On top of those, I can’t wait to to hear him play some of my favorite ballads like “And So it Goes,” “She’s Always A Woman” and “Honesty!”

Currently Inspired By: Chanel’s Fall 2014 Campaign

Chanel’s latest ad campaign puts Lululemon to shame with its depiction of Cara Delevingne and crew hitting the ring in tweeds, knee-high sneaker boots and hardcore padlock jewelry. This isn’t the only collection that looked to boxing for inspiration. DANNIJO's upcoming fall line, titled Boxerina, draws upon the juxtaposition of the toughness of boxers and grace of ballerinas. These references have me wondering if I should throw on some gloves and try it as my next workout!

Currently Following: @donalddrawbertson

This whimsical artist is hands-down one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. Using fashion as his primary subject, this man can make art out of anything from dollar bills (featuring President Anna Wintour) to raw sugar (a Louis Vuitton logo). It’s so fun to watch what he dreams up!

Currently Rocking: Pearl and Glitter Teardrops Tiered Necklace by Mawi

I’m absolutely smitten with this slightly eccentric mixed media necklace by Mawi. The ladylike pearl strand gets an upgrade when embellished with teardrops made from actual glitter and adorned in rose gold spikes. Plus, the added green rhinestone chain creates a layered effect for an instantly styled neckline. I’ve been pairing it with a bright green dress from Rag & Bone!

Ali’s List, 7.18.14

Our founder, Ali Galgano, is notorious for her love of discovering all things cool and interesting, and sharing her findings with those around her. With the same attitude that inspired our site, we’re excited to introduce a weekly blog post featuring five things Ali’s loving right now. From her latest retail lusts and style inspirations to her most recent adventures and who she’s following on Instagram, keep checking back for a dose of her charmed life. Enjoy!

Currently Coveting: Matthew Williamson x Linda Farrow Sunglasses

Talk about rose-colored glasses! I may or may not have impulsively purchased these pink aviators the other night. I’m a huge fan of Matthew Williamson’s use of vibrant color and Linda Farrow’s retro influence, so there was no way I could turn them down.

Currently Doing: Baking Pumpkin Paleo Cookies

My husband and I recently invested in a food dehydrator, as he has quite the penchant for dried fruit. I do my best to stick to a paleo diet, so when I came across these dehydrated pumpkin spice cookies, I knew I had to try them out in our new machine! The result was a deliciously spicy and chewy cookie that I’ll definitely make regularly come fall.

Currently Inspired By: Rainbow Bright

I adore nearly everything adorned in a spectrum of color, so when I saw this Rainbow Brite round up on, my interest was immediately piqued. I’m lusting after the Sophia Webster pumps included on the list, and that iridescent Alaïa might just rival my hot pink Céline tote for best carry-all. Also featured were our Shourouk Cobra Rainbow Earrings, which are the epitome of psychedelic glam.

Currently Following: @oliveandjune

I’ve been following this fun, LA-based nail salon for some time and I’m pretty obsessed with their whole concept: “a downright lovely” mani/pedi experience, as they put it. Their feed is mostly comprised of their signature shot of freshly painted digits forming a triangle over their pastel business card, providing fresh nail-spiration daily. In short, #oliveyou, Olive & June!

Currently Rocking: Thin Wrought Iron Cuff by Pamela Love

This Pamela Love bracelet is a cool, geometric take on her iconic Pentagram Cuff. It came in last week with our latest delivery, and I haven’t been able to take it off since. It’s an incredibly chic piece to dress up bare arms in the summer.

Designer Spotlight: Lionette’s Noa Sade

The moment that Noa Sade and Vanessa Lee met in 2008, the two felt an instant connection. So it’s no surprise that when they came together a year later to create Lionette by Noa Sade, their partnership would result in unique and stunning jewelry. Designed by Sade, the handcrafted baubles feature pearls, Swarovski crystals, and opalescent stones to create glamorous, statement making pieces. We sat down with Sade to hear all about the inspiration behind Lionette’s infamous microphone gloves and her best styling tips for incorporating Lionette jewelry into your everyday wardrobe.

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?

It was a macramé necklace with the most beautiful center Labrodorite stone. I made it while traveling in Laos and I still have it.

Describe Lionette in three words.

Free, tribal, and feminine

We love the entire line, but we’re particularly obsessed with the microphone gloves. Can you tell us how this style came to be?

When I made the first one it was when it wasn’t so popular. I made it for a belly dance class. That day we learned all about the movement of the fingers and the hands, so I came with my glove and immediately felt the magic. I called it “microphone glove,” as holding a mic is a position of vulnerability and courage, the mic glove will give you power.
Song Sisters Mic Glove (left), Andaman Mic Glove (right)

We understand your designs are inspired by travel. Which destinations have proven particularly inspiring for the the line?

I really cant name one because it’s all about refreshing your mind and life images. These days I feel a lot in Mexico and Berlin.

Which piece or pieces do find yourself wearing most often?

‘Mio’ necklace in rainbow and the ‘Coltrane’ mic glove.

Do you have any styling tips for incorporating Lionette into one’s wardrobe?

Contrast the bling and the casual.

Kaleidoscope Collection Giveaway

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Designer Spotlight: Alexa Leigh

Ever since we introduced designer Alexa Leigh to Charm & Chain, we can’t stop gushing about her clever double pendants, perfect little studs, and delicate pave-embellished rings. A modern twist on simplicity, Alexa Leigh’s fine jewelry line incorporates champagne and black pave diamonds, 14kt gold, sterling silver, and black rhodium to create unique pieces you can easily wear everyday. We spoke with the designer herself to get the scoop on the inspiration behind the line, her favorite piece in the collection, and more.

Describe Alexa Leigh in three words.

Delicate, timeless and comfortable

Tell us the story behind your signature style: the double-sided pendant necklace.

I like the idea of continuous design - that no matter how you wear something there is still an element of design. I wear my hair up a lot and often put a piece of jewelry on and never take it off. I wanted to create something that could be worn numerous ways and the design always being present whether you were coming or going.

Which piece or pieces do you wear most often?

I always have on the butterfly bracelet, an anklet, and my mix and match studs. I haven’t taken off the bracelet for years. I usually switch up my necklaces between the pave tiny heart necklace and my double pendant necklaces. I also like to play around with my rings. Depends on my mood and what I am doing that day.

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?

The first piece of jewelry I ever made was probably one of my beaded choker necklaces in high school. I redesigned some old pieces from my mother as well. The first piece I sold was a double pendant heart necklace with diamonds. I wish I kept it but it is in good hands!

How do you name your pieces?

Each name has a unique story but most of them are based on someone in my family. For example the Elijo ring is a combination of my mothers name, Eleanor, and my sister, Jordan.

I understand you have your own personal meaning behind each piece that you choose not to share, as you prefer to encourage others to impart their own meaning on your pieces. Is this true? If so, kindly elaborate on this sentiment.

I always loved the sentimental value of jewelry. I often bought pieces with quotes on them or symbols to serve as a reminder in my day to day life. I believe each piece in the collection has a unique meaning but I want the customer to be able to come up with what it means to them without projecting my sentiment. Hopefully everyone can find what they are looking for.

Designer Spotlight: Crafting Jolita Jewellery

Ever since the arrival of one of our newest designers Jolita, we’ve been absolutely obsessed with these edgy, intricately crafted designs. Inspired by antique Memento Mori jewelry, which were traditionally created as tokens of affection for those who had passed on, each necklace is hand-braided with colorful silk, hand-dyed in Jolita’s London studio. The braids are then adorned with a globally-sourced variety of embellishments, including vintage crystals, chains, pearls, rhinestones, and hand-painted stones.

Here we layered these two stunners, the Helsinki Necklace and the Santori Necklace, for a totally jaw-dropping look. Make sure you check out the rest of Jolita’s collection here to see all of their statement-making pieces.

Guest Editor: Jacey Duprie Curates Her Own Damsel in Dior Collection for Charm & Chain

Jacey Duprie, author and fashionista behind the blog Damsel in Dior, recently curated her own collection for us and we are absolutely obsessed! Jacey drew inspiration from her “Go Big or Go Home” jewelry philosophy to bring together pieces like Tom Binns’ show-stopping Madame Dumont Statement Rhinestone Necklace and Maya Brenner’s classic Asymmetrical Mini Letter Necklace in one fun collection.

"I tend to wear dainty pieces for every day styling or a bold statement necklace to dress up an outfit," she told us.

To see how Jacey’s styled her favorite Charm & Chain jewels, head over to her very charmed post on Damsel in Dior.

Bedknobs & Baubles gets Behind our Baubles

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Sweet style blog bedknobs & baubles chatted with our founder Ali to find out these fun facts and more! In her column "Behind the Baubles," blogger Jessica Hamm sits down with those leading the way in the jewelry industry to find out everything from their perfect Saturday to their proudest career moment. Read on to find out Ali’s answers!

Ali Talks Body Chains With

The verdict is in: this summer is all about the body chain! Our founder Ali recently weighed in as a jewelry expert for’s article entitled, “3 Ways to Wear Body Chains Just Like Hollywood’s Hottest Ladies!” Ali chatted with the celebrity site about why body chains are becoming so popular and exactly how you can incorporate this edgy style into your everyday wardrobe.

The article also featured a few of the coolest body chains, including our Mika Body Chain by Gorjana. Check out all of Ali’s advice on the trend here.