The Cocktail Ring: A History

This week we’re putting the Fashion Spotlight on Cocktail rings. Ever wonder how this oversized bauble got its name? Let’s go back to the 1920s…

The Prohibition Era was marked by a ban of alcohol and an insurgence in fashion. The cocktail ring became the most desirable accessory to don with the flapper dress – the boldest apparel statement. Status and style seekers would doll themselves up in their finest duds, gilding themselves for travel underground to speakeasies where the alcohol flowed and fashion flourished. Adding glam to their golden brandy, women strutted in style, showing off their grandest rings. Thus the “cocktail ring” was born, quickly becoming the ultimate bauble for banned beverages.

Cocktail ring fever reignited in the 1950s and 60s, when weekly neighborhood soirees became the vehicle through which women could show off their fashion prowess (and newfound disposable income).

Today, the cocktail ring has become a jewelry box staple, worn by women of varying fashion proclivities to create the perfect finishing touch to an ensemble. Here are some of our favorites from the Charm & Chain cocktail ring collection:

Green Bette Davis Eyes Ring, Erickson Beamon Rainbow Cluster Ring, Frangos Blanche Ring, DANNIJO
Crystal Encrusted Sphere Ring, Alexis Bittar
Parrot ring, nOir

Crystal Baguette Ring, Elizabeth Cole
Midnight Oasis Ring, Erickson Beamon
Blue Feather Ring, Frangos
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