Obsession of the Week: Lulu Frost CODE rings

My latest jewelry acquisition, a set of Lulu Frost CODE rings, has become a permanent fixture in my everday rotation. If you haven’t seen the latest from Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer’s new jewelry line, CODE, you’re in for a treat. Some context: in 2005, Lisa happened upon hundreds of discarded bronze door numbers from the famed Plaza Hotel. On a whim, she bought the whole lot, and turned them into necklaces. She sold out of all the pieces within 3 months, and the numbers became a signature of the Lulu Frost line. When creating her new collection of fine jewelry, Lisa fashioned these same numbers into delicate and customizable 14 and 18k gold earrings, rings and necklaces. “Over the years of selling Plaza numbers world-wide, I’ve realized how strongly people attach meaning and importance to numbers. I’ve heard hundreds of stories behind why people love certain numbers, from the mundane to the creative,” says Lisa. Inspired by Victorian-era jewelry that used certain symbolism to convey hidden messages, CODE pieces are meant to take on personal meaning attributed by the wearer. Above you’ll see stacked together my three lucky digits—2, 6 (with six diamonds), and 5. Whether it’s an anniversary, a lucky number, or your cell phone number (yes, someone actually wears hers), find digital inspiration with one of these special pieces from Lulu Frost CODE.

View the collection here.